Rocking Johnny

Rockin’ Johnny: Blues Mystic or Blues Music Maniac? The controversy has raged from the very first day he appeared in the ‘50s. Ever since, through changes of style, culture and blue jean fashions, Rockin’ Johnny has been true to his muse (The BLUES) and his roots (now partially grey). Rockin’ Johnny’s sneakers have travelled many roads and picked up the great LPs of the ‘50s from Chess Records, the ‘60s British Blues Boom era of John Mayall, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac and on to the Aussie Blues Boom with such notables as Chain and Carson and culminating in today’s contemporary Blues artists. This music is for you. Join Rockin’ Johnny in the “SOUL KITCHEN” and the “MOJO LOUNGE”.

Rockin ‘ Johnny Is the presenter of two famous 3WAY-FM radio programs: The “Soul Kitchen” (Saturdays 5-7 PM) and the “Mojo Lounge” (Thursdays 4-6 PM). Rockin’ Johnny has built these two fine establishments from the ground up to be premier programs promoting the Blues.The “Soul Kitchen” with Rockin’ Johnny and his staff of culinary Blues chefs, waiters/waitresses, bar staff enjoys supplying customers with sizzling Blues cooked in all varieties. The menu includes Delta, Texas, Jump, Country, Urban and Chicago Blues. We also have International chefs and suppliers providing Blues recipes and dishes from the Delta to Chicago and from the USA to Europe and all places in between. We do an Aussie Blues BBQ as well, promoting homegrown produce.

Rockin Johnny’s second venture, the “Mojo Lounge”, is also Blues-based, a laid back lounge approach to the Blues genre, offering lounge lizards Blues with a cocktail twist with offshoots of the Blues like Soul, Cajun, Zydeco, Tex-Mex, Rockabilly, Real R&B and Americana on offer in the “Lounge”.

Rockin’ Johnny is a mystery! Who has seen him? Where is he from? What does he do? Many questions, not enough answers. Stay Tuned to 3WAY FM.