Hello this is Rose from the ‘Archie On Air’ show broadcast every second Thursday 10-11am.
I have been interested in radio from a young age so imagine my joy when a volunteer was needed to take over the Archie timeslot and no one else wanted to do it. Radio became even more important to me when I was 9 as I ended up in hospital for lengthy recuperation after an operation attempting to regain my already poor sight, and I have loved the medium ever since.
In my working life, before moving to Warrnambool 15 years ago, I worked in telephone and reception roles which I really enjoyed. My last job lasted 11 years in the call centre relaying phone calls for the deaf community; it was really interesting.
I love being involved with a wide range of community activities which include my favourite hobbies of knitting and crocheting that I mainly do for charities nowadays. My favourite sports are walking, cycling and rowing. I enjoy many music styles, anything from surfing sixties to country, Elton John and Dire Straits.
I am really excited to be joining the new Regional Radio News show on 3WAY-FM as I read the news when it was Vision Australia radio here in Warrnambool. This is quite different to the chatty news programs as it must stick to strict rules. Originally the news reading service was heard on the marine band in the sixties and you had to modify your set to be able to hear the transmission, but later it was moved to the AM band so everyone could pick it up. Originally, the service was developed for the print handicapped but now it’s on the wider frequency everyone can enjoy it. The “print handicapped” referred to anyone who for any reason could not access ordinary printed material whether that was because you were unable to turn the pages because of a stroke for instance or you could not read or you were blind. Although technology has changed over the years, there is still a need for such a program. I need to use a cctv(closed circuit tv) which magnifies the news print to enable me to present my part of the program.