Glynn Coulson

Glynn hosts ‘Down On The Street’ every Tuesday from 9am to 10.30am. He plays a great variety of music from rock to reggae to really unusual material sourced from CDs and vinyl. Occasionally, he even produces mini-documentaries on matters close to his heart. And he interviews guests in the studio like Neil Murray and Jim Williams. When asked to write something for this page, Glynn submitted a couple of paragraphs which reflect his oddball sense of humour.
“‘…Yeah, he is a good fellow. I mean some would say he is an all round good guy. He, without the use or abuse of a classical cliché, has a heart of gold. Unfortunately, being allergic to such metals he often experience gold rashes. As an associate of Glynn, I must say it has been a pleasant journey down on the street. Glynn has shown diligence and acceptance when it comes to hypocrisy. Wait, does that even make sense? Well I suppose these are the issues that Glynn tries to conclude on the program which is ‘Down On The Street’”.
J-pop -associate and long time collaborator of Down On The Street
‘Down On The Street’ is based around music, music that spans many years, decades and the odd century. D.O.T.S features interviews and conversations I’ve had with guests over the years, both live and prerecorded. Also included in the program is a healthy dose of comedy such as short skits performed by myself and my guests.
By the way don’t pay any attention to J-pop. He is just after points. I mean we only did a few programs together and that was remotely during lock down though he did help me out once or twice.