“I can’t remember exactly why or when I joined 3WAY- FM as a presenter, but I think it’s about 10 years ago- give or take a year or two. I’m guessing I responded to a membership drive at the time. What I vividly recall is being absolutely petrified for the first month or so presenting my first few programs!
My first music memory is listening to Andy Stewart sing ‘Muckin O’ Geordie’s Byre’ over & over & over again. My head/ear was pressed hard against the speaker of my parents’ radiogram. I was maybe 4-6 years old and I couldn’t get enough of this song. I must have driven my classical/opera-singing mother mad, but I suspect my father was secretly proud that I embraced our Scots heritage.
At primary school in about grade 2, I formed a singing/ dancing group that would go from class to class offering to perform such classics as’ Black velvet band’ (Irish Rovers), ‘’m a tiger’ (Lulu), ‘Blue baby blue’ (not known) , ‘Harper Valley PTA (Jeannie C. Riley). I loved singing & performing but I didn’t have the confidence to perform alone.
My first relationship with radio was on (I think) 3KZ on a weekly show where you could ring up on air , request a song and send a cheerio to someone. I recall it being very competitive to get on air. Seemed like all of Melbourne were trying too. The excitement of talking on air to the presenter, him playing my chosen song and giving a shout out to my school mates or family was unbeatable!
I love my little show, ‘Fruitloops Fantastica’ (Thursdays 4pm to 5pm) and I enjoy the fellowship of other members. I always get a kick out of someone saying they’ve enjoyed my music,no matter how wacky it can be at times.”