Val Stewart

Val Stewart has been involved with 3WAY-FM for over 30 years. This is her story.

“When news of a community radio station was announced, my husband Keith and I decided to become involved. Day One started the family’s love for the then CREW FM 100.7 (Community Radio Endeavour Warrnambool). Keith and other volunteers set up a caravan and test broadcasts were run from Woolies’ car park, at the beach, on top of Tower Hill Reserve, out to K-Mart and in the window of the Black Magic clothes shop in Liebig Street. We broadcast from underneath the now demolished Criterion Hotel in what was once a small recording studio. I co-hosted an ‘Afternoon Delight’ program and the ‘Country Music Hour’ with Keith until he passed away and my son Phillip, who was presenting a morning program, filled in. We are very proud of the fact that the ‘Country Music Hour’ on Wednesday nights has been a regular show, same time, same station continuously for all those years. (And they said it wouldn’t last!).

A few years ago, I began taking turns at presenting a three-hour program on Sunday mornings. I was happy to be inducted into 3WAY’s Hall of Fame. I have seen quite a turnover of presenters and various styles of music. And I have met many listeners who have their radios tuned to 103.7 3WAY-FM; these people have discovered the beauty of different styles of programs. The improvements to our working areas have been great, thanks to our dedicated volunteers. There’s a kitchen where a hot drink may be made, a music library and a toilet close by. (No more racing up the corridor and around the corner in the dark to the loo). There’s a convenient ramp to the front door that is great for wheelchair-bound presenters and a pretty garden and barbeque area compliments of the ‘Men’s Shed’. Alongside my love for music and 3WAY, I have the support of family. Four children and grandchildren plus two great grandchildren as well as my passion for lawn bowls and indoor carpet bowls have kept me happy and active for many years.”